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I grew up in Gainesville Florida. My dad was a Sports Physiologist and swim coach – at the age of 4 I was a competitive swimmer racing the 6 year old and under age group. My swimming career lasted 18 years and got me through 2 years of collage. After I finished with swimming I did a few triathlons but decided to focus on bicycle racing. I continued with school and raced my bike mostly in Southeast of the United States. Two of the most memorable races were the Belize Road Race – 144 mile race in tropical hot conditions – and the Tour of Guatemala – a 14 day mountain stage race. 


I finished college in 1989 and was off to Aviation Officer Candidate School (AOCS) in Pensacola Florida. I later earned my Navy Wings, spent time in several squadrons and retired from the Navy in 2012. All the while I was training and racing my bikes -  even aboard an aircraft carrier.



1985 - Tem Fuji. I'm 2nd from the right

1983 - Brevard CC Swim Team

1987 - Belize Road Race. 144 miles. 1st

1988 - Tour of Guatemala 

Some things I did in the Navy

After the Navy I spent some time as a consultant but grew tired of that lifestyle quickly. In 2015 I decide to focus my efforts on cycling related endeavors. I became a USA Cycling Coach and began coaching. A bit later I became certified as a BikeFit Pro bike fitter and a Certified Bicycle Mechanic. To date I have preformed over 150 bike fits. I also created a Wahoo Kickr Cycling Studio and a club called OMG! Racing (Please see the OMG! tab for pictures of the club). 

2017 Boston Harbor Circuit Race

2008 - Chicago Cyclocross

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