I work with clients who want the highest level of service and care for their racing and touring bikes. I work on Tri-Bikes, Road/Cross bikes and high-end touring bikes. If your concern is speed and efficiency or just having a pristine road machine, I will take care of your bike as if it were my own. 

* Call or text if you would like me to take a look at and evaluate the health of your bike. 404 433-2403

Some Of My Services:

- Race Prep:

This is where the bike is prepped for battle. The bike will be washed, waxed, drivetrain cleaned and re-lubed, All cables and housing checked, chain and cassette and chainrings checked, Wheels trued, wheel bearings checked, bottom bracket bearings checked, race wheels installed and proper brake pads installed, adjusted and derailleurs adjusted.

- Bike Wash:

Wash bike, degrease and re-lube drivetrain, inspect wear of brake pads, cables/housing, hub/headset/bottom bracket bearings. And wax bike. 

- Tune Up: 
Includes the "Bike Wash" plus gear and brake adjustment, true wheels and torque all hardware to spec. 


- Tubular Tires Glued:

For road and cyclocross

- Bike Shipping:
Packing or reassembly.

- Wheel Truing: 

- Bar Wrap:

- Pedal Greasing: 
Recommended every 3000 miles or 6 months.