The biggest change for Karl was shimming up the left shoe to correct for a leg length discrepancy. We put 1.3cm worth of shim under the left cleat. We also installed new cleats with built in wedging and adjusted his cleats so his foot sat just behind the ball if his big toe. All of this should lead to much better pedaling efficiency and comfort. For Karl's position on the bike we raised his saddle 1.0cm, moved the saddle back 1.7cm, and lowered his handlebars 1cm. These changes put Karl in a slightly more aggressive and efficient position. It will take Karl a few rides, to adjust to all of the changes. A lot of good changes. Good fit.

The two biggest things we did were: Installing the pedal spacer on the right side and installing a shorter stem on his bike. You can see on the "before" photo that John is really stretched out and his arms are providing very little support. Shortening the stem and tilting his clip-on bars up a little brought him to a good position. We also raised his seat a little and move it forward. John is a bit more aero and is in a good position to make some power gains. Good fit.

The biggest change was removing the stem extender which lowered Charlie's bars 8.8cm. Also, raising his saddle 9mm and sliding the saddle back 9mm increased his knee extension and improved his center of gravity. The wedges will help Charlie feel more connected to the bike and the new position will make him more aerodynamic and move his center of gravity so he can provide more power to the pedals. Big changes - good fit.

The biggest changes were changing the 130mm stem to a 90mm stem and adding a 20mm pedal spacer to the right side. Being aero is good -being stuck in an aero position all the time on a road bike can be not so good - especially if you need to climb a hill. By going with a shorter stem we gave Brett options. He can now get into a good climbing position - a bit more upright and over the pedals - and he can comfortably get into the drops reducing his frontal exposure. His seat height was at the top of the range but Brett preferred being there. Great changes and fit.

When we started, Becky look very low in the saddle and a bit too far back. The biggest changes were raising her saddle 3cm and moving her forward just a bit. This brought her knee angle from 140 degrees to 146.5 degrees. My range for road fit knee angle is 146 to 150. We explored a higher saddle position but Becky felt best at the lower end. We also adjusted her handlebar tilt making her brake levers more accessible while in the drops. Becky's pedal stroke should feel much smoother now and she should feel like she can apply more power to the pedals. Great fit and result.

Jim came in looking too far back on the bike and not centered. He also looked a bit low in the saddle. The biggest changes were moving Jim forward - 3mm - and going from a 70mm stem to a 100mm stem. This got him centered on the bike; his center of gravity (CG) over the bottom bracket and his torso angle a bit lower. He was at the lower limit for leg extension -146 degrees - and now sits at about 147 degrees. Jim should pick up some power gains and a bit more comfort. Very good fit and result.

The biggest changes were raising Stu's seat and moving him forward. This increased his knee angle from 145.5 degrees to 147.0 degrees. We flipped his stem - changing the stem angle from about 25 degrees to 6 degrees (flat). This changed his torso angle from 45 degrees to 38 degrees. Stu's knee alignment was pretty good and required just a few tweaks. Good fit.

Linda was positioned very low when we started and too far forward. A 2.6cm saddle rise is a pretty big move and it will take a few easy rides for Linda to adjust. Her knee angle went from 138.5 degrees to 147.5 degrees. The second biggest change was getting her right knee to track straight up and down. We did this by installing a 20mm pedal spacer. This worked like magic! Her knee now tracks nicely. Good fit, a lot of changes!

*The next weekend Linda did a 104 mile ride "Reach the Beach" followed by the 55 mile Viking Tour ride the next day!

We got Renee back to her original position. This is her new bike so we simply set her up to the same position as her old - previously fitted - bike. We brought her up 10mm - getting her knee angle to 149 degrees. The biggest change was putting on a slightly shorter stem and lowering it 3cm. This brought her hip angle to a solid 101 degrees. Good fit.

My initial assessment of Marian was that her saddle was a bit low and she was sitting upright. After getting the foot/pedal interface dialed in and wedging complete, we went to work on setting up the "cockpit". We raised the saddle 5mm bringing her knee angle to about 148 degrees and brought the saddle back 10mm. Her saddle was pointing down too much so we leveled it slightly nose down. This alone raised Marian - in addition to raising the saddle. We flipped her stem - lowering her bars 15mm - and rotated the bars slightly. This flattened her back and brought her torso angle to a much better angle. It will take Marian a few rides to adjust to the new position, but she should realize more power and comfort. Good fit.